Shelley McDaniel On October 23, PCA member Shelley McDaniel offered fellow members a look at her year-old business in Lake Oswego, a meal assembly business with a twist, Cooking Accomplished! Shelley, who’s a graduate of Western Culinary Institute, figured she could improve upon the meal assembly concept by offering original recipes totally from scratch with all locally grown ingredients.

Participants in the program found it to be a busy foodie’s dream. Shelley said most people take about an hour to quickly measure out the ingredients needed for about six meals, each chosen from a menu of 12 or more entrees, with about as many side dishes and desserts. We each chose one or two items from the menu to see for ourselves how quick and easy it could be. Then Shelley served us one of her most popular items, Oaxacan Chicken Mole with Green Rice. Tarri Butler and Ashley Griffin, who had chosen to assemble that dish, were congratulating themselves on their good choice.

Donna and JanetShelley showed us how she treats her customers, with a welcoming glass of wine and appetizers in the lounge area, and plenty of friendly assistance during the meal assembly process. We sipped wine and fired lots of questions at Shelley about her business and how she’s been able to create a job that satisfies her passion for cooking fine, fresh food. Shelley also teaches cooking classes for children and adults, including very popular wine and food pairing classes, in her state-of-the-art kitchen. She also offers the fun activity of meal assembly for parties and corporate team building.

Over dessert of apple-cranberry crisp, we agreed that Shelley provides a useful and economical service to any busy person who can’t bear the thought of fast food. With our newly assembled meals in our arms, we wished Shelley good night and good luck with Cooking Accomplished!